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New lease on life for a 1967 M-54A1

1967 M-54A1 as pictured on Govt surplus auction
Retired from Maine State forrestry in 2007

 Well in Nov, I was awarded the winning bid of a 1967 M-54A1. Just a hour before the bidding would end, the HARASSMENT on the phone from my fellow military vehicle club member would get the best of me and my wallet when he and his sons figured out that the data plate on the dash was a depot rebuild tag from the facility in Taiwan. With me helping another historian in Texas complete the markings of a M-52 that served in Vietnam and his also having been rebuilt in Japan, that these trucks were ACTUAL VIETNAM veterans. It would be a very nerve racking time on the computer and it would take a couple of days for it to sink in that I actually bought it.
Look for more later as I update this page for the rest of the story.


Preserving the history of the truck driver in Vietnam